JRCZ Data Science Lab

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
Deploying innovative and interactive technology to inform and inspire students and organisations.
The result
A fully equipped experience center where collaboration and research can take place in both 2D and 3D.
Hz data science lab25

HZ University of Applied Sciences is an educational institution for higher professional education in the Dutch province of Zeeland, with facilities in Vlissingen and Middelburg. Around 5,000 students follow full-time or part-time courses here.

Zeeland is the beating heart of data science, it’s a unique province on the border of water and land, characterized by innovative sectors that are ready for the next steps in data science and artificial intelligence. That's why HZ University of Applied Sciences decided to establish the JRCZ Data Science Lab in Middelburg.

They chose to focus on interactive technology, and we guided them through the entire process. Technology is not something you choose at random, it is important to have an underlying strategy. We are happy to take you through that journey.

Case movie JRCZ Data Science Lab

"Visitors are always impressed when they enter the Data Science Lab, especially when they start using the technology themselves. They do so surprisingly quickly and they deliver very impressive results. The possibilities in our Data Science Lab are endless, and we are experimenting a lot."

— Loek van der Linde - Data Science Lab Manager

Step 1: mapping the visitor journey

In every project, we start from the visitor's journey. It is important to know what the need of your target audience is: which information do they need and how can you help them with it. We strongly believe in technology with a clear purpose, otherwise it is just a gimmick, a fun addition.

To map this out, we organized various workshops with the university. Together, we identified all the target groups and needs of HZ – University of Applied Sciences.

Step 2: determining the technology

Then, the brainstorming about the technology itself could begin. In this phase, we gather all the acquired knowledge and consider how to deliver the necessary information to the visitor.

Once we understand the customer's and visitor's needs, we can combine them and choose technologies that align with those needs.

In the Data Science Lab, three different spaces were created, each with a distinct purpose.

Step 3: creating the spaces

The Data Theatre Area: Focus on presentation

Data Theatre is mainly about presenting certain topics, both live and remote. The presenter has several tools at his disposal to attract and also keep the audience's attention.

The Data Collaboration Area: Focus on innovative visualization

The Data Collaboration Area features a large curved LED wall where students, teachers, and organisations can collaborate. The key aspect here was the visualization of data in an innovative and accessible manner, we decided to combine the LED wall with 3D technology and shared virtual reality for immersive content exploration.

The Data Interaction Lab: Focus on interaction

The Data Interaction Lab contains a giant touch video wall where collaboration is key. Students, teachers and companies dive into both 2D and 3D models together there.

Hz data science lab27 Hz ocular audac 4

Conclusion: every space and technology serves a purpose

The Data Science Lab offers something for everyone: you can present, brainstorm, collaborate, research ... in both 2D and 3D. Mapping and analysing data is the main goal. The technology is impressive and state-of-the-art but is not there without purpose.

There is always a link with the needs of HZ – University of Applied Sciences and the requirements of different target groups.

We won!

The project was awarded gold at the EUNIS AV Awards in the ‘AV enabled lab/maker/specialist educational space’ category. This is an international award for projects in higher education worldwide presented by EUNIS (European University Information Systems organisation).

EUNIS brings together people responsible for the management, development and policy of IT in higher education in Europe.

In addition, the experience centre also received the award for ‘Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space’. This award recognises innovative use of audiovisual technology that ensures positive outcomes in higher education.

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