We make interactive installations & immersive designs for leisure and corporate purposes.

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Our services

Design and concept

To create an experience that connects and amazes your visitors, guests, or customers, we first want to get to know you inside out. Then we work together in a spirit of co-operative creativity to come up with a unique concept. The result is a design that shows what the installation will look like in your company, exhibition or trade fair venue.

Hardware and control

No need for a creative concept, but simply looking for certain hardware or software? From projectors to touch-walls and media controls, we can supply, engineer, and integrate it into your space. We are happy to guide you so you can make the right choice with complete peace of mind.

Software development

Developing customised digital tools is our dedicated style goal. Through a clever mix of front-end, back-end and game technology, we combine kiosk applications, apps and APIs with other software. The aim: to initiate as much interaction as possible with your guest, visitor, or customer.

Content creation

An interactive, overall experience obviously requires engaging content: video, audio and photography that lingers in the memory. To achieve this, we work with partners who are just as passionate as we are. We remain your point of contact, co-ordinating the process from A to Z and ensuring that the final result is 100% accurate.

Service and warranty

Once a project is completed, we obviously want you and your visitors to continue to profit from the installation over and over again. Thanks to various service packages, we extend the lifespan of appliances and tackle malfunctions quickly. We take a frank look at the formula that will suit you best.

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Our approach

1. Storytelling

We design spaces from the basis of stories.

Conceptual design:

Ideas, objects and stories become tangible in space.

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3. Spacial & technology design

In the design phase, approved concepts undergo a strict prototyping process and the project's physical and digital assets get scheduled. Teams from every department work together to implement all elements of a project, from look and feel to its technical set-up.

Initial concepts are worked out into visual renders, mock-ups of proposed systems, equipment configuration and interactive prototypes.
The aim here is to articulate, develop and refine the central narrative experience across an emotional arc.

4. Production

In the production phase, the designs come to life and the assets become concrete. In other words, the project moves from "design and planning" to "making and doing".

At Ocular, we can deliver both turnkey and specific sub-projects for hardware, software, content production and fit-out.

5. Integration

In the integration phase, the components of a project merge into the space or location where the experience will take place. Applying the high standards Ocular is known for, each project is assembled, calibrated, adjusted, and matched to ensure a seamless blend of physical and digital elements.

6. Operation

Once an experience is open, quality control remains our priority. We accompany our clients along every step of the journey. In addition to maintenance, this phase often includes the creation of new or additional elements for an existing multimedia installation

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