Beckton Dickinson (BD)

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
To create an additional, interactive experience in the BD office.
The result
An interactive touch table with object recognition and a slider wall to inspire both visitors and (new) employees.
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BD is an international medical technology company with the objective of "Advancing the world of health". The organisation approached us because they were looking for a way to add an extra digital layer in their experience center and office building.

In consultation with them, we decided to work with a touch table with object recognition in the experience centre. The technology is all about onboarding new employees. Everyone that starts at BD discovers how they can evolve in the company through the various objects containing different content.

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In the corridor of the office building, there is a slider wall that is accessible for everyone, every visitor and employee can use it. By moving the screen over a print, different pop-ups appear over and over again. This way, you can discover more about the different domains in which BD operates, the specific services they offer in which sectors, ...

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