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Convince your customer with the latest technology in your experience center

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What is an experience center?

An experience center is an interactive environment where the visitor discovers more about your company by doing. The combination of interactivity, technology and storytelling creates an overall experience that sticks.

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Why an experience center?

Is a real tour behind the scenes of your company difficult, because it is too noisy or because you do not want to disturb the team? Then you can tell your story through an interactive tour. Not just any company film, but a real life experience, with images, sound and light.

You choose the message yourself and even change it for each visitor. For instance, one week you might organise a product launch in your experience center, while a few days later an internal training session takes place.

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Create a unique total experience

Create a new experience tailored to your visitor in no time. Thanks to this digital shift, you can easily update or expand the content in our software platform Xperify. You can create different scenarios tailored to the needs of a specific target group. Forget generic content, opt for a tailor-made personal experience instead.

Build a relationship of trust with your customers, stay at the forefront of their minds, and make sure employees are still talking about it years later.

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