Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
To inform and inspire various target groups with different needs in one area.
The result
An interactive experience centre where content is easy to manage through our in-house software Xperify.
Buildwise Zaventem Ocular 2

Buildwise approached us for the creation of their demonstration center in Zaventem. Charlotte Euben works as a Senior Head Advisor in the Digital Construction Department at Buildwise and tells us why they consciously chose to create an interactive demonstration center.

Can you tell us more about Buildwise?

"Buildwise – formerly known as WTCB/CSTC/BBRI – is the go-to resource for every construction professional. We support contractors in terms of productivity, quality, and sustainability."

Why this experience center?

"Everything is constantly changing, and there's a lot happening in the construction sector nowadays. Embracing digitalization is one way to address these changes. To guide them through this process, we decided to build a demonstration center, with the support of EFRO and VLAIO."

WTCB10 48 02 AM Buildwise Zaventem Ocular 15

What's the idea behind this demonstration center?

"We deliberately chose to let construction professionals experience everything firsthand, rather than just telling them about digital techniques. They take an active tour, discovering what works and what doesn't for them. This way, they don't simply accept what we say; they can experiment themselves."

"Our goal was to introduce them to new technology in an interactive way without intimidating them. We had never done it this way before, so we sought a partner who could guide us through the entire process."

How did you find out about us?

"We decided to visit Health House in Leuven for inspiration, and that's where we heard about your company. We discovered the possibilities of interactive multimedia and your expertise in this field. Health House's experience center left a strong impression, confirming that you were the right partner for us."

What was the biggest challenge in this project?

"On one hand, it was challenging to present all the digitalization possibilities within the space. On the other hand, we needed to make the situations recognizable for visitors. We wanted to avoid creating something too abstract. That's why we chose to replicate two construction sites in our experiential area. The combination of physical and digital elements truly adds value."

How did the project progress?

"Through workshops, we analyzed our target audiences, their needs, and the challenges. Based on that information, you helped us create user stories and develop a visitor journey. By considering how visitors move through our experience center and what they require, we can strategically deploy technology. Only after these workshops did we start thinking about hardware and software."

What's the major advantage of this demonstration center?

"We receive a diverse range of visitors, so it was crucial to tailor the narrative to their specific needs. Our goal is to work flexibly in the future, adjusting content based on who stands before us. Thanks to a centralized system containing all the information, we can create different scenarios."

"The possibilities are endless, and the experience center can adapt perfectly to each visitor. While we're still working on the implementation, the idea is that everyone at Buildwise will present consistently in the future, maintaining a common thread with unique accents. Having all content in one place allows easy reuse across various scenarios."

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How have your colleagues responded?

"Our colleagues are extremely enthusiastic about the experiential center. As we finalize the scenarios, we'll be able to work much more efficiently."

What do visitors think?

"The visitors we've had so far are unanimous: it's a unique experience. They particularly appreciate the combination of physical elements, such as the construction sites, with the interactivity of tablets and touchscreens. It strikes the right balance—not overly technical and perfectly aligned with reality.

Our next step is to further develop the capabilities of our demonstration center."

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