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Research shows that customers visit a physical showroom much less frequently. They first inform themselves via the website, social media, their network, ... before taking the step to visit your showroom. So it' s very important to get them on board immediately during the visit to your digital showroom. This is where multimedia and technology can make a difference. Physical interactions are scarce so make them valuable.

What is a digital showroom?

A digital showroom is a physical showroom where a total experience is created through technology and multimedia. Tangible products are present, but they are given an extra dimension thanks to the digital aspect. Think, for example, of a projection showing the functionality of a certain product, a video wall with testimonials, a touchscreen on which visitors discover more about your company, etc.

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What are the benefits of having a digital showroom?

You can do more with less. You don't need much space and at the same time you can communicate in a much more targeted and personal way. The customer does not get overwhelmed by a huge offer, but is shown relevant products immediately, receives the necessary documents instantly, ...

Moreover, you collect relevant data and really get to know the customer. You quickly discover what does and doesn't work. Since a large part of the content is digital, you can also adapt it easily.

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Re-use your content

Did you know that it is possible to extend your existing digital content into another scenario? You can easily reuse the media that is already available in Xperify. All content is centrally located on our software platform from which you can tell different stories.

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