Het Provinciaal Hof

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To make the Provincial Palace more accessible to every visitor.
The result
An interactive exhibition to inform, inspire and educate visitors while respecting the authentic elements.
Provinciaal Hof projectie 2

After a thorough three-year renovation, the Provincial Palace is reopening its doors. It has become an open house where everyone is welcome to discover all there is to know about the province of West Flanders and the rich history of the building itself.

An interactive journey of discovery for young and old in a 125-year-old building

The province was looking for a partner to transform the Provincial Palace into an interactive visitor center. The previously closed building had to become an inspiring place where everyone is welcome. Visitors had to be able to explore and get inspired, gather information and learn on their own.

It was important that the content could be changed regularly, and our software platform Xperify is ideal for this, of course!

From theory to reality

At the start of each project, we consider how to move from an idea to a concrete application. 'How can we bring the information to life and create interactive experiences?'

Various analyses are made of the applications, engineering of all hardware is done, content is produced and this is also entered into our software platform Xperify. During the entire process, all technology is extensively tested, both off-site and on-site. By already doing some initial testing in the office, on-site installation goes a lot smoother.

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An walk-in location with inspiration for every visitor

The result is a Provincial Palace that is open to everyone. In each spot, there is something to discover. In one room, there are several tablets with listening horns where more information can be found about cycling and walking routes in the area, while in another room there is a scale-model table with the map of West Flanders projected. Visitors get inspiration about activities in the region here.

The showpiece is an immersive 360° projection at high altitude. Our engineer Davy was responsible for the projection mapping on the projection cloths of our partner Showtex. Spacemakers took care of the content and we made sure the lighting matched the video. In addition, there is a camera hanging in the room that responds to the movement of visitors. In a certain part of the video, people are asked to move their arms and the content then responds to that action.

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