The Body of the Future

Target audience
Leisure - Leisure
The challenge
To inspire, educate and bring science communication to a wide audience within the scope of FTI Leuven.
The result
An interactive pop-up installation in the city centre that can be discovered 24/7.
FTI Leuven 4

The Body of the Future was a collaboration with Health House and Leuven MindGate. By informing and connecting people, Health House helps shape the future of health and care. Leuven MindGate, on the other hand, is a membership organisation that highlights the international pioneering role of the Leuven Innovation Region in health, high-tech and creativity.

From an experience center to an interactive installation

Years ago, we already built an interactive experience center for Health House, so we also took on this challenge together with them and Leuven MindGate. We joined forces to think about a realistic concept in terms of timing, budget, surface area and location. After all, the set-up was outside and located on a busy square.

Colleague Sofie sat down with the different companies, designed the interactive installation and our engineers looked at what was technically possible. As soon as we had a final 'go' on the concept and feasibility, it was up to our developers. They added the five elaborated stories into our software platform Xperify to make the whole thing interactive. We were responsible for the general project coordination and worked closely with our content partner yondr.

After the concept and design phase, it was time for the implementation. To ensure a smooth on-site installation, we rebuilt the setup at our office. This made it possible to go through a demo of the experience together with the customer, to carry out various tests and to be able to fine-tune to the best result.

Ocular FTI HH 5 FTI Health House ocular 29

Then it was time for the build-up on-site. The result? An interactive pop-up installation that caught the attention of every passer-by on Martelarenplein in Leuven. DeepScreen technology made the video really come to life. A life-size holobox, an outdoor touchscreen and lighting control made the experience complete. Visitors discovered more about the future of our lives through five interactive stories. The installation could be viewed 24/7 for ten days.

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FTI Leuven 3 FTI Leuven

As many as 7,500 people came by during FTI Leuven and learned about The Body of the Future.

The set-up then moved once more to the final festival of FTI and& in Antwerp which attracted 30,000 visitors. The Body of the Future also attracted a lot of press attention, with some journalists describing it as "the eye-catcher of the innovation festival".

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