The Flax - House of AI

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
To immerse students in the world of artificial intelligence in an interactive but also educational way.
The result
An immersive experience center with VR, 360° projection, games, interactive demos, ...
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University College VIVES decided to build an interactive experience center called The Flax. Flax stands for 'Future Learning and Augmented Xperience' and aims to take visitors into the world of AI or artificial intelligence.

We got involved in this project from the beginning and decided to identify the visitor's journey first. In fact, we never begin with the technology itself, but rather with the goal we want to achieve with it. Only then you can make informed choices.

Of course we didn't do that on our own, a lot of experts were present. Mieke De Ketelaere is an expert in the field of AI and Isabelle François shared her experience from the Health House experience center. We also brought some creatives from Yondr into this project to help with the content. Together with them we took a closer look at the toplevel storyline, together with the client VIVES.

Case movie - The Flax, House of AI

"The collaboration with Ocular went very smoothly and the experience helps students to learn in a whole different way and to remember more.”

— Griet Verbeke - Coördinator The Flax - House of AI
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After several meetings, it was time for the actual implementation together with our partners. Pièce-Montée was responsible for the design, Heijmerink Wagemakers for the stand-alone furniture and the quantum computer and Studio Line for the fixed furniture.

To make sure everything went smoothly, we performed a lot of tests and several demos in the office. Not completely insignificant if you know that there are ... LEDs in the project. In addition, there were also weekly internal meetings to keep a close eye on everything.

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After months of hard work, it was finally there: the first students were welcomed to The Flax and discovered all about AI through interactive games. They were shown the positive and less positive consequences of artificial intelligence. From virtual reality to 360° projection and custom applications, we went all in to immerse students completely. This combined with an exceptional design, impressive furniture and countless LEDs made The Flax an impressive experience.

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  • Design: Pièce Montée
  • Content, graphic interfaces, prints, storytelling, voice-overs, ... : Yondr
  • Loose furniture and quantum computer: Heijmerink Wagemakers
  • Fixed furniture: Studioline
  • Input and advice on AI: Mieke De Ketelaere
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