Museum - National Bank of Belgium

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
Bringing complex information in an interactive way.
The result
An interactive tour with audio guides and games.
Museum van de Nationale Bank van België

Located in the centre of Brussels, the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium highlights its rich history dating back to 1850. The two-floor museum is based in a 19th-century renovated bank building, which has retained its original Gothic charm with its monumental staircase, candelabras and preserved finishes.

Open to the general public, the museum is a treasure for students and younger guests through its educational exhibitions focused on the National Bank's role and duties in society. This is where one can learn about the history of the bank, see how payments used to be made and see all the different forms of Belgian money of the past.

Ocular_museum_nationale_bank Museum van Nationale Bank van België

Portable Devices

At this museum, the challenge was to develop a portable system that could be used by both guided groups and individual visitors. As the museum is located in an old library, no audio should be heard in the room itself. All audio, both from the various films and interactives, are played on mobile devices. The device itself is also used to define the language and type of visit on the other devices.

Ocular NBB NBB_Ocular_interacteif

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