Museum Fort Liezele

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To create a digital layer in a fort's existing museum.
The result
An interactive experience trail with respect for authentic elements.
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Fort Liezele is the best-preserved concrete armoured fort in the belt of Antwerp forts. The museum in the fort was renewed and we were in charge of the multimedia.

When you walk into the museum, you immediately get catapulted back in time. Inside the World War I fort, you'll discover more about life in Liezele during the war through an interactive tour. Guide-ID's audio guides accompany you throughout the visit and are available in several languages.

Throughout the different rooms in the fort, you'll meet a number of protagonists who will share their stories with you. Danse La Pluie provided the captivating videos that remain in your head, especially since the characters look you straight in the eye.

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In addition, several touch screens display videos from World War I and give you more information on the objects that are present.

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As you explore, you discover all about the fort at Liezele. In the dome, for example, you'll find VR glasses that show how the cannon used to work and in one of the rooms you can play interactive games to protect the fort.

Audio also plays an important part in the museum, at a certain point you can hear soldiers marching as they did during the war.

In another room, a video plays in sync on different screens which creates a unique effect.

Museum Fort Liezele has been reopened since the 1st of May 2023 so discover the interactive multimedia yourself during a visit!

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mimesis.architecten stond in voor het ontwerp van de scenografie en vormgeving van het nieuwe Museum Fort Liezele, incl. bepalen museuparcours, grafiek, multimediale ontsluiting, audiovisuele producties, kunstproducties, verlichting, redactie en vertaalwerk.

Potteau was the main contractor and was in charge of construction

Danse La Pluie took care of the content creation.

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