Museum Het Steen

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To bring Antwerp's rich heritage to life in a century-old building.
The result
An interactive experience pathway for young and old where we used the latest technologies while still respecting the authentic elements.
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In Het Steen, we bring Antwerp's rich history to life. The museum consists of impressive 360° projections, interactive school desks, a video wall in triptych set-up (in three parts) and lifelike holograms.

We provided all multimedia facilities in the historic building and did so with appropriate respect for the authentic elements.

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For this project, we worked together with the following partners:

Content design
Studio Louter

Spatial & graphic design
OPERA Amsterdam

Interactive media production
Studio Louter

Film production
Gado Gado Filmproducties

Audio production
KlevR sounddesign

Pepper’s Ghost
Dutch Igloo

Light design
Joost de Beij

Potteau Labo

Audio equipment

Hardware & interactieve mediaproductie by us

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