Museum Het Steen

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To bring Antwerp's rich history to life with technology in an ancient building.
The result
An interactive experience tour for young and old where the latest technologies were used with respect for the authentic elements.
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"The harbour room is really the grand finale of the experience tour. It's also the spectacle of the experience. When visitors walk into the room they are really impressed by the images and music, it is certainly the room people talk about the most."

— Bert Kuypers - Het Steen

Reference video The Antwerp Story

What makes Antwerp so special? How did the city grow and become the harbour city of today? In the interactive experience tour The Antwerp Story, visitors discover all about Antwerp and Het Steen's history and identity in the different rooms.

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Antwerp then and now

The assignment was to bring Antwerp's rich history to life in an ancient, historic building. We did this with an interactive experience tour of the entire museum, Het Steen. It turned into a tour for young and old where we used the latest technologies with appropriate respect for the authentic elements. From impressive 360° projections to interactive school desks, a triptych video wall (in three parts) and real-life holograms.

All content is controlled by our own software platform Xperify. This allows the employees of Het Steen to decide which content should be active and when, to add or update content, to switch certain installations on or off, etc.

Ocular was responsible for the development of the concept, the installation from A to Z and the supply of the necessary hardware and software. Together with various partners, we also successfully set up the decor.

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For this project, we worked together with the following partners:

Content design
Studio Louter

Spatial & graphic design
OPERA Amsterdam

Interactive media production
Studio Louter

Film production
Gado Gado Filmproducties

Audio production
KlevR sounddesign

Pepper’s Ghost
Dutch Igloo

Light design
Joost de Beij

Potteau Labo

Audio equipment

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