Health House

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
Incorporating multiple storylines into one physical space.
The result
Thanks to our software platform Xperify, Health House can easily modify the content for every visitor.
Health House training

Health House in Leuven is a demonstration and networking hub that allows visitors to see and interact with the rapidly growing impact of technology on the future of healthcare & general health.

Tunnel Healt House TBM42802 0292
Labyrinth 03 Healt House TBM42671 0200

In fact, content can also be easily changed or removed through Xperify. All hardware can be controlled with this, just like the lights, the doors, the curtains, ... This allows the organisation to adapt the experience to the audience that visits. For instance, they have various scenarios they can activate for a particular visit.

VR 03 Corpus

Thanks to various touch screens and hands-on demos, the audience gets actively involved in the tour. It makes them feel heard and helps them remember the message as well, especially since the story here is spot on.

The combination of storytelling with technology and interactivity really makes a difference here.

Source Cave 02

Construction by Potteau

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