Target audience
Corporate - Showrooms
The challenge
To put Globetrade's wide range of products in the spotlight in a unique way.
The result
A digital showroom where the visitor seems to be in another world thanks to various viewing boxes and an interactive touch table.
Ocular Globetrade 04 web

Globetrade is a worldwide market leader with more than 25 years of experience in developing promotional items for several major brands such as Hasbro, Quick, Disney, etc. They approached us for technology solutions in their new office.

How did you find us?

"We saw a reference of yours pass by online and it immediately caught our attention. At the time, we were busy preparing our new office building in the Kortrijk business park. Barco is also located there and they, like several others, were enthusiastic about your collaboration and that's how things started moving," says Freddy Delagaye, Creative Team Manager at Globetrade.

In the end, what did it become?

"We looked for the most suitable solution for our entrance and showroom together and you came up with a complete concept: from design to layout. The end result is much more than just hardware, it is an interactive experience room where we can tell our story in an attractive way. We can take visitors on a journey through the world of Globetrade. The many interactive possibilities also ensure that visitors pay a lot more attention. That is obviously a great added value, especially in combination with the software platform Xperify where we can easily change the content in the showroom ourselves."

"We were originally just looking for hardware, but got a full experience room instead"

— Freddy Delagaye, Creative Team Manager at Globetrade
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What was the biggest challenge?

"Building such an experience room presents challenges of its own anyway, and especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Not only were there shortages of materials, the planning was often a disaster due to changes from other companies. Fortunately, you were always very flexible, your developers were also thinking along when there were problems with our internal IT systems, for example."

What are the reactions?

"We are still in the process of fine-tuning, but the first visitors are already positive. Both customers and partners find it a fun experience to explore the world of Globetrade on their own."

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What does the future hold for you?

"The intention is to exploit Xperify's capabilities even more. For example, we want to further personalise the content and tags for our object recognition. In an ideal world, our major customers would have their own environment in the digital showroom already. In there, they could then include their entire portfolio. Who knows, sometime soon...?"

"Behind the scenes, we are also working on a completely new website and the big advantage is that we can reuse the current digital content perfectly. We can translate the content from our showroom to our site and we find that a great advantage of Xperify," concludes Delagaye.

Thanks for the pleasant collaboration, Freddy! We look forward to discover what the future holds for Globetrade.

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