Cebeo Experience Room

Target audience
Corporate - Showrooms
The challenge
To provide the best possible experience for every showroom visitor.
The result
An innovative, digital showroom to amaze customers and take the burden off salespeople.
Digital showroom Cebeo Brugge

The customer’s demand

Cebeo is the reference in Belgium for electrical equipment since 1922. With over 50 branches across the country, they are a well established company. For the revamp of the Bruges branch, the company wanted to make a statement with a showroom that would amaze customers over and over again and that was future-proof in terms of technology. The aim was to create a personal, fluent and clear visit for customers. In addition, the showroom also had to facilitate the work of the sales staff.

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Why Ocular?

Cebeo ging op zoek naar een partner die een totaalconcept kon leveren, van ontwerp tot installatie. Alexander Dewulf, CEO van Cebeo: “Door de ervaring die Ocular doorheen de jaren heeft opgebouwd, konden zij ons mooie en inspirerende concepten voorleggen. Bij ons draaide het om het creëren van een unieke en gepersonaliseerde ervaring voor de bezoekers in de showroom, waarbij vooruitstrevende technologie wordt gebruikt. Ocular bleek de geschikte partner te zijn om dat samen met ons uit te bouwen. We werkten samen een concept uit waarop we trots zijn. We bouwen er constant aan om zo het optimale resultaat te bereiken.”

"Thanks to Ocular's experience over the years, they were able to provide us with beautiful and inspiring concepts."

— Alexander Dewulf, CEO of Cebeo

First challenge: guiding clients from the minute they enter the door

"We are lucky that we can offer our customers a wide range," Alexander Dewulf says. "But that wide offer also makes it difficult for customers to make a choice. Overwhelming them with an excessive offer is completely out of date and makes it much harder for them to decide."

That's why the company chose to let customers pre-register through its website. " That's where they can indicate all their interests and preferences. The showroom then gets fully adapted to their needs, both physically and digitally."

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Second challenge: ensuring an extremely personal approach

"We wanted to provide our customers with a personalised visit," Alexander Dewulf explains. Ocular was able to make that happen by providing a showroom that is flexible and tailored to the needs of the visitor in question. "Thanks to digital tools, we can access our full range and immediately show the different variants of their chosen product. During the visit, we bring everything together on our multidisciplinary touch table and then complete the plans of the house with the chosen products.

The customer immediately receives a finalised floor plan and a detailed proposal to take home. Because of this workflow, they are able to make a decision quickly and comfortably."

Of course, a new showroom is an investment that you would like to stay relevant for as long as possible. "We therefore opted for high-quality hardware and a software system that can be easily adapted to keep our range up-to-date," Alexander says.

The final result: an interactive and customised showroom

"The targeted and personalised approach throughout the showroom visit not only creates a professional and positive impression towards our customers," Alexander believes. "Our sales people can also work a lot smoother. During the visit, they prepare the lighting plan and can immediately send a detailed offer. This makes the decision-making process much easier. We also notice that we can evaluate each visit better. As a result, we can optimise future visits. Our sales figures have increased - so for us, the result is outstanding!"

Digital showroom Cebeo Brugge

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