Target audience
Corporate - Showrooms
The challenge
To create a unique experience in one showroom for two different brands.
The result
A digital and interactive showroom that can be divided into two areas by Unilin and where they can easily change the content themselves using our software platform Xperify.
Ocular Unilin 12 web
interactive showroom unilin Ocular Unilin 01 web

"We come from a more traditional physical showroom where complete interiors were displayed and we realised that the digital aspect was gaining importance. Moreover, new collections, and therefore changes, were common and it was not always easy to implement them in the showroom.

Thanks to our renewed, digital showroom, we can inspire the retailer himself and update the content more easily. Digitalisation is certainly not a threat to us, we rather see it as a nice addition", says Julie Velghe, Global Brand Manager at Unilin.

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