House of Chocolate - Cargill

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
To inform, inspire and immerse different types of customers in the world of Cargill.
The result
An interactive experience center where content is customised to the type of visit where there is space for innovations, collaboration, trends, ...
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Video - interactive experience bij Cargill

The goal was to be able to inform, inspire and engage both large and small groups meeting their individual needs. All digital content in the rooms can be easily changed via Xperify. Therefore, visitors only get to see relevant content.

By combining breathtaking videos with impressive audio, you get completely sucked into Cargill's story. It is an immersive experience with all the trimmings: a huge slider wall, hypeboxes, object recognition and rotating screens.

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Visitors will discover the latest trends, the newest innovations, the people behind the company, ... There is not only room for inspiration, but also for collaboration and co-creation. And the best of all: you can also taste the chocolate there and provide immediate feedback. A unique project that we enjoyed working on!

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