LS Bedding - Ergosleep®

Target audience
Corporate - Experience centers
The challenge
To make an already existing and well-functioning concept even better.
The result
A full 360°-experience combined with state-of-the-art technology for an ultimate experience.
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LS Bedding is a reference in the area of sleeping comfort. They distribute several brands including the premium brand Ergosleep®. As the name itself suggests, the company focuses mainly on ergonomics. They believe that it is important that the bed adapts to the body and not the other way round.

Back in 1985, they started working with their own measuring system. Thanks to constant evaluation and optimisation, they were the first and only ones in Belgium to develop their sleep cocoon in 2008. This interactive installation measures the body of each visitor and, as a result, recommends the ideal mattress, the perfect pillow and the most suitable base, i.e. 'a fully customised bed'. Meanwhile, there are already over 580,000 (!) SLEEP-DNA®s in Ergosleep®'s database.

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Some time ago, LS Bedding knocked on our door to revamp their one-of-a-kind experience. Not an easy task because the product itself was already pretty good. We decided to take the concept to another level and make it a complete 360° experience. We combined the latest technology like state-of-the-art sensors with advanced measurement technology and upgraded the algorithm of the SLEEP-DNA®. The experience starts when someone enters a shop and it also continues at home.

How does it work?

The representative takes visitors to the cocoon in the showroom. There you'll go through a short questionnaire together to gain insights in your current sleeping habits. Then it's time for 'the fun part': time to take place on the Ergosleep® measuring bed in the cocoon.

While a video about the importance of a good night's sleep is playing, the cocoon does its work and the bottom adjusts perfectly to your body. During that experience, the high-tech projection and synchronised ambient light create an immersive experience where everything makes sense, even the smell. Combined with the atmosphere of a familiar bedroom environment, it ensures a customer to have his or her personal SLEEP-DNA® measured in optimal conditions. The whole package is right and afterwards you step out of the cocoon feeling completely zen. Then it's time for 'le moment suprême': your unique SLEEP-DNA®. You'll get specific advice tailored to your body and even support with the design of your bed. And there is more. When you get home, you notice that the report is already in your mailbox and that you can also view it on the Ergosleep® app alongside other relevant info.

Volgens onze verdelers resulteert de totaalbeleving ook werkelijk in meer verkoop.

— Bruno D’hont, Technical-commercial responsible bij LS Bedding
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How did the salespeople react?

The set-up in LS Bedding Maldegem is a trial set-up, later this year all current cocoons will be upgraded. The first feedback is already promising.

"We strongly believe in the power of our sleep cocoon. In an ideal situation, we determine everyone who walks in here has his or her SLEEP-DNA®. As far as we are concerned, it is the only way to give good and well-founded advice. According to our distributors, the total experience actually results in more sales," says Bruno D'hont, Technical-commercial responsible at LS Bedding. "Moreover, the complete installation is user-friendly, allowing every salesperson to log in smoothly and guide the experience," Bruno concludes.

Conclusion: an interactive experience makes a big difference. At Ergosleep®, they let the cocoon speak and the visitors experience it. We are already looking forward to what the future holds!

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