Experience centers: what's in a name?

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At Ocular, we create interactive experiences, and an experience center is a perfect example of that. But what exactly does it mean, an experience center? And what are the benefits for your business?

Experience centers: what's in a name?

An experience center is a physical space where storytelling, technology and user experience come together to inform and inspire your customer in the best way possible. It's a unique way to introduce your visitor to your company and product or service in an interactive way.

Please note: a lot of people immediately think of huge budgets when they hear about an experience center. That's possible, of course, but it's not always the case. A few small adjustments can make a big difference.

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Why should you go for an experience center?

1. Interactive experiences actually work

Experiences stick, interactive experiences are unforgettable. That's the power of an experience center: you actively involve the visitors in your story. People don't walk out after just a few minutes; you get their full attention over a fairly long period of time. That's a huge difference compared to communication on your website or on social media, where everything is very short term.

By encouraging the visitor to take action, he will have a better understanding of what you are talking about. He doesn't have to just accept it from you.

2. Customized content

These interactive experiences can also be fully tailored to your visitor. You can create a personal experience in no time with customized content in a certain style. This saves time for both parties: you can get straight to the point and your customer immediately receives the right information.

At Health House in Leuven, for example, there are different story lines that change depending on the visitors. For instance, there is the 'Lazarus' project in collaboration with the city of Leuven. Anyone who gets caught drinking excessively is not fined, but is given the chance to participate in an informative tour about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. An approach that really works according to the city.

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3. Relevant data and insights

Another advantage of an experience center is that you collect interesting data. You will know perfectly where your visitors click (or tap), what appeals to them, how long they pause on a particular topic, ...

Opportunities of an experience center

The possibilities of an experience center are endless.

The approach is different every time, but the goal remains the same: to inspire and inform the visitor. You can be sure they won't forget the company visit or that product launch anytime soon.

1. Company visit

An interactive tour in an experience center simply leaves a bigger impression than a company film. By combining audio, video and technology, you create the ultimate experience that really hits you. Bet you will stand out from the competition?

The Flemish Parliament, for example, has a dedicated visitor center where you can interactively discover everything about the way they work. It's worth a visit in our opinion!

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2. Product launch or new services

Are you launching a unique product or want to market a new service? This can be done perfectly in your own experience center. Visitors get to know the product or service immediately and discover the advantages themselves. They don't just have to take your word for it.

In the Cyber Experience Center of Orange Cyberdefense, we simulate a real-life cyber-attack and confront visitors with various issues.

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3. Training

Are you a fast-growing company that regularly hires new employees? Or are you active in a technical sector and you regularly organize internal training courses? No better place than the experience center to organize training.

The ConXioN Experience Center is a perfect example of this, where in-house and external training sessions are organized on a regular basis.

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