Xperify is a no-code software platform to turn your digital content into a strong story.

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What is Xperify?

For many years, Ocular has been creating interactive experiences for digital showrooms, experience centers and museums. Based on our acquired experience and knowledge, we created our own no-code software platform called Xperify.

You can immerse visitors or clients in just a few clicks. Upload your existing digital content, link it to one or more devices and welcome everyone in your world. This way you create a personal experience for everyone.

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Create unique touch screen experiences

You can create your own interactive experience with Xperify. All you need is a touch screen, the Xperify software and some add-ons.

For example, you can use Nexmosphere sensors to trigger an action or you can choose to work with Object Recognition Tags from Displax. These tags enables your visitors to discover more about your company in an interactive way. In the experience center of Cargill, clients learn all about the manufacturing process thanks to object recognition.

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