Video studio for Eliet

Eliet is an international manufacturer of garden and agricultural machinery. Due to the Covid crisis, the company understood the importance of being accessible, even in challenging circumstances all too well. That's why Eliet decided to go in for a fully equipped video studio.

A custom video studio for Eliet

This way, the company is able to virtually present its machines to (potential) customers. After all, it is not always possible for them to come on site and this way Eliet can still reach its global customers, even without participating in trade fairs.

Garden and agricultural machines take up a lot of space and we intentionally took that into account in the design. In the middle, there is a rotating platform that enables a full view of the machine.

Eliet digital studio 23 Eliet digital studio 20

Virtual demonstration of physical products

When Eliet wants to take someone through its offer, they can do so easily through an online conversation. An employee can plug his or her laptop into the studio and start the video call.

Three different cameras are present in the room. The first camera provides an angle view from the front and can be set manually or in advance via a preset. Another camera is located on the side for a clear side view of the machine. Ultimately, there is also a mobile camera.

If they want to zoom in on a particular detail at Eliet, they can control the mobile camera via the tablet. All cameras can be tilted and can be zoomed in. A tie pin acts as a microphone for the Eliet employee.

Eliet digital studio 26 Eliet digital studio 10

There are two different screens in the room on which the "host" can follow the progress of the video call. On one screen the host sees those present in the call and the other screen shows the different camera angles. It is possible to select the perspectives that are interesting for the call in advance. Of course, the attendant can also switch viewpoints at the moment itself via the tablet.

Thanks to this technology, the studio can also be used perfectly to record videos or for a webinar. Therefore, it's a one-time investment that offers endless possibilities!

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