Space - The Human Quest

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To create an interactive experience for Europe's largest space expo, which travels to various cities.
The result
Automation and hardware that allow an easy reconstruction at a different location.
Space The Human Quest

SPACE - The Human Quest is a temporary expo organised by entrepreneur Jürgen Ingels. Europe's largest space expo talks about the history and future of space. Several original pieces are present, including the Lunar Lander and the Space Shuttle.

Space The Human Quest audioguides Space

To immerse visitors in this unique world, we provided various interaction experiences. Lieven Scheire takes young and old in tow via audio guides that were configured by us. Visitors decide for themselves which information they want to get by scanning the code of a particular set-up with their device. Moreover, specific content is provided for toddlers so that they too are immersed in the world of space exploration.

Space The Human Quest Expo Expo Space The Human Quest

In addition, during the expo you will discover a real flight simulator where you have to connect a spacecraft to the International Space Station. Not an easy job, but fun is guaranteed.

We provided automation and hardware in this project. Audio in space(s) ;-) sounds optimal thanks to several soundbars by Audac.

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