Roeselare Rangers

Target audience
Leisure - Sports entertainment
The challenge
Installing hardware outdoor on the exterior of a sports centre at a height of 8 metres.
The result
A controllable 8000-nit LED wall that can resist all weather conditions.
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Ocular has a longstanding connection with the Roeselare Rangers. Our managing director Nicolas is a coach at the hockey club and we have also been a partner/sponsor for several years. It is a local and ambitious sports club close to our hearts and we are happy to support them towards growth.

When it was time to renovate their sports centre, they had to remove all the sponsors' banners and instead looked for a digital solution. We spoke to our suppliers and then decided to install a LED wall at the sports centre.

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"The challenge for this project mainly came from the fact that the LED wall hangs outside and then needed to be installed at a height of 8 metres. Our partner Leyard appeared to be the appropriate partner for this project. They provided us with an 8,000-nit LED wall measuring 4 by 3 metres. Thanks to that high brightness, the content on the screen is perfectly readable even when the sun is shining directly on it. Another advantage is that the Roeselare Rangers can change the content themselves. Via BrightSign Network, they can add or remove photos or videos. Think for example of sponsor content or videos of the national team. It's a great added value for the hockey club as otherwise they would have to design or replace banners every time."

— Nicolas Vanden Avenne - CEO Ocular
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An outdoor LED wall is therefore a suitable solution for any sports club. It puts you and the sponsors in the spotlight!

A big thank you goes to our technician Pieter-Jan and developer Davy, who put their minds at rest for a moment and climbed on a cherry picker to install the LED wall.

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