Pop-up voestalpine Sadef

Target audience
Leisure - Museums & exhibitions
The challenge
To highlight voestalpine Sadef's 75th anniversary in a unique way.
The result
A pop-up museum in a greenhouse highlighting the company's 75-year history.
voestalpine Sadef pop-up

Voestalpine Sadef celebrates its 75th birthday and decided to do so in a special way. The company approached us with the idea of opening a pop-up museum showing everything about their long history.

We worked on the concept and provided the hardware and software. All digital content is controlled via the software platform Xperify.

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Through various touch screens, visitors discover more about the employees, the product and the site of voestalpine Sadef. These three themes also recur on video screens featuring voice-overs. There is also a cinema where colleagues and former employees reveal anecdotes from their career.

They have also paid attention to the little ones. For them, there is a special children's quiz where they can solve questions by scanning qr-codes.

In other words, something for everyone!

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