Aqualex Concept Store

Target audience
Corporate - Concept stores
The challenge
Aqualex asked us to help them to complete the experience in their concept store. The technology had to blend seamlessly with the art and design elements.
The result
An experience area where all the senses are stimulated thanks to lighting control and audio.
IMG 4619
IMG 4629 IMG 4624

For Aqualex, the Belgian specialist in drinking water systems and design taps, we collaborated to create their unique concept store in Knokke. The aim of the shop is to raise awareness and encourage people to drink tap water.

Inside the shop there is a large tunnel that we equipped with LEDs that run on the rhythm of the music. They can also be set to a screensaver mode.

In addition, a music track automatically plays when someone takes water at one of the iconic taps. Art and design are the focus and go hand in hand with technology.

This experience space is open to everyone, so feel free to visit for yourself.

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