Co-creation of audiovisual concepts

The development of a concept requires thorough preparation and technological knowledge. Our technical creativity and professionalism can provide significant support for this. At Ocular we love to think about the specific realisation of your project. 

Ocular goes much further than your traditional audio-visual partner. We attach the greatest importance to getting the feeling conveyed by the installation exactly right. This is the only way that your visitor is completely immersed in the atmosphere you wish to create.


Arrangement of the technical specifications

The optimal experience of your project is only possible if it is technically perfect down to the smallest detail. This is why Ocular pays close attention to the arrangement of the technical specifications. We do this for every individual device as well as for the context of the full picture. After all, it is absolutely crucial that every multimedia device functions perfectly within its line-up. 

We also supply the required manual for every multimedia device to the person in charge of content. Only with the correct information regarding the resolution, the number of touch screen points and other necessary details are they able to ensure that the content of the message is crystal clear and that your expectations are fully met.



Realisation of multimedia and audio-visual concepts

At Ocular we are all about thinking and doing. This is why you can come to us for the full integral realisation of your project. Our expertise is reflected not only in the perfect logistical and technical preparation, but also in the integration of all necessary equipment. In addition, we look after the coordination and implementation of the content and we follow the entire project in detail. 

You can furthermore rely on us for the development and programming of all required automations. It goes without saying that we test everything extensively and examine all facilities thoroughly. This means that you will be able to enjoy not only the opening, but also the long-term realisation of your project! 

Last but not least, Ocular writes the 'as-built file' with great care and provides thorough training and documentation for all personnel involved. In this way, we make your fully aware of all the finer points of the project, thereby ensuring that any arrangement can continue to function perfectly!


After-sales service

You can count on Ocular to ensure the long-term continuing success of your installation. We take care of the maintenance of all equipment and replace consumables (projector lamps, electronic components, etc.) whenever necessary. We furthermore guarantee updates and changes to the system so that your installation remains in top condition. Moreover, our helpdesk is ready to assist you immediately with urgent problems.