October 2014
  • Vlas
  • Leie
  • Vlasmuseum
  • Golder River

Under the leadership of Lies Buyse, work has been carried out since 2009 on a thorough re-profiling of the museum and the relocating to a significant location. This location was transferred into a flax distribution centre from 1912 in the centre of Kortrijk. After being closed for two years, the museum reopened its doors in 2014 and was named Texture, adding a new chapter to an already interesting story. In this modern museum building young and old now discover the valuable collections of flax and textiles presented in a totally new concept.

The museum course has three 'rooms', one on each level of the building: the Wonder room, the Leie room and the Treasury.

The WONDER ROOM is a type of laboratory where you can interactively get to know often overlooked applications of flax, its significance in today's world and its potential for the future.

In the LEIE ROOM on the first floor the visitor goes back into time. The story of the Golden River is told here.

With a selection of objects, work tools and machines from the collection, photos, film, animations, testimonials and interactive maps, the economic development of the region of the Leie is displayed, with the flax industry as the driving force.
Lace and damask of Courtrai have a contemporary cabinet on the 'Golden rooftop'.

In the TREASURY the design is focused on an esthetical experience of a selection from the large collection.


Ocular was responsible for:

Lay-out of the technical specifications
Realisation of the multimedia
Realisation of the audiovisual production
Realisation of the audiovisual installation
Realisation of the automatisation


Location: Kortrijk (Belgium)
Implementation: 2014
Customer: Stad Kortrijk
Designer: Madoc
Link: www.texturekortrijk.be