March 2010
  • Frederyck Chopin
  • Piano
  • Componist
  • Warsaw
  • Poland

To honor the 200th birthday of composer Frédéric Chopin, in 2010 a museum in the Polish capital Warsaw was opened dedicated to his life.

The interactive museum, located in the center of Warsaw, displays thousands of objects that directly relate to the composer, such as a grand piano or a lock of hair. Visitors can even enjoy the smell of Chopin's favorite flowers, violets. One can even hear birds chirping, which reminds one of vacations with his beloved, the french writer George Sand, in the French Nohant.  

"Museum world is the place where ideas become tangible entities. It can be dounting and challenging task but with Ocular is was simple and pleasurable" dixit Alicje Knast, Curator at Chopin Museum

Ocular was contacted by the Ghent showcase manufacturer Meyvaert Glass Engineering to engineer the touchscreen technology and to instal it in different interactive showcases throughout the museum. In addition Ocular also developed and build an interactive floor-game that is based on physicals sensors.

Ocular was responsible for:

  • Layout of technical specifications
  • Execution of the touchscreen technology
  • Execution of an interactive floor



  • Location: Ostrogski Palace, Warschau (Polen)
  • Execution: 2010
  • Customer: Microtech International
  • Designer: Migliore+Servetto
  • Link: